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Mother of East student sends concerned email about schedule mix-up

Yesterday at 10:51 a.m Francine Quinton, 49, sent a very concerned email to guidance counselor Ravine Brady, 53, about her son, Marcus Quinton (’13), and his schedule.

According to the email, “Marcus signed up for Cooking, but in return he got Computer Graphics,” wrote Francine.

The distressed 15-year old uploaded his schedule onto Facebook and added to his post that, “[his] schedule might change” with a sad emoticon following.

Marcus’s friend, Jamie Littleton (’13) commented on his post, “OMG, no way! Does this mean we might not have lunch together NEmore? This sux. I M so mad!”

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Brady sent an email back at exactly 1:36 p.m the same day explaining that, “Cooking was full, so the only other option for that same period would be Computer Graphics. The only other option would be to change Marcus’s schedule completely.”

As the troubled mother was running to Target to pick up some milk and Eggo Chocolate Chip Waffles, she called up the school to talk to the guidance counselor hoping to make some sort of compromise.

“I just don’t understand why Marcus can’t be in Cooking but all those other kids can. It’s not fair to my son,” said Francine.

“There was no way that I can fit Marcus into Cooking unless he is willing to switch Lunch, period 5 to Lunch, period 4,” said Brady. After Marcus’s mother told him the news, Marcus had to decide whether he would keep the same lunch period and take Computer Graphics, or switch his lunch period and take Cooking.

According to Marcus, the only problem with the switch is that he is not sure if he would want to eat lunch right after Cooking because all those sweets might “ruin [his] appetite for his favorite sandwich of Genoa salami and American cheese with yellow mustard on white bread.”

Brady sent the Quinton family an Add/Drop form in case the family decided to take Marcus out of Computer Graphics.

“I try to do the best I can with giving every student the classes they want, but sometimes it just doesn’t agree with the rest of their schedule,” said Brady, “The guidance counselor’s job can be hard sometimes.”

For now, Marcus and Francine Quinton are currently discussing the choices and are trying to make a decision before school starts so “my little Marcus won’t be confused when his schedule changes during the first month of school. That would just be wrong,” said Francine.

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