In each grade, different athletes stood out during their sports seasons.
2020-2021 Top Athletes
Alexa Atlas, Nick Gangewere, and Nicole Vital June 2, 2021

This year of athletics at Cherry Hill High School East was like none other. An unprecedented number of cancellations, pauses, season suspensions and reschedulings...

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The Asian-American community is being hit with a wave of hate crimes.
Perspective: Asian-Americans being hit with a wave of hate crimes
Vivian Rong, Eastside Photo Editor • June 21, 2021

As I scrolled through the news, I came across a headline that caught my eye: “8 Dead in Atlanta Spa Shootings, With Fears of Anti-Asian Bias.” Suddenly,...

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Luca was released to Disney+ on June 18, 2021.
Luca Review
Katherine Li, Eastside Culture Editor • June 24, 2021

To say Pixar and Disney’s “Luca” captures the youthful essence of a summer spent in friendship and self-growth would be nothing short of the truth....

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