East hosts annual table tennis tournament



The Annual East Table Tennis Tournament was held this past Saturday, February 24.  The tournament took place from 1:30-5:00 p.m.http://www.olympics.com.au in the East gym.

“It was good [this year], very competitive,” said Mr. Karl Moehlmann, who was the teacher in charge of the event.

The tournament included 25 students from East.  Moehlmann created six brackets from these students, with their seeding depending on how they performed in past tournaments.  The players battled it out for several hours, as sweat poured onto the floor, from both nerves and fatigue.

The eventual winner of the tournament was Andy Yan (’08), who beat Cory Honeyman in straight games, 21-13, 21-13.  It was Yan’s second championship in as many years.

“They should have two divisions: the ‘Yan’ division and the ‘other’ division,” said Ben Rosengard (’09), one of the many competitors who saw both Andy and his older brother, Mike, dominate the field.

Next year’s tournament can hopefully bring the same excitement to the table.