Former player Drob returns to coach East football team


Picture on the left: Courtesy of Tyler Drob, Picture on the right: Liam Davis ('25)

Drop is pictured on the left as a player for Cherry Hill East and is pictured on the right as the East football coach.

Cherry Hill High School East’s football team has a winning record for the first time since 2011. Some people say we can thank the record this year to the new head coach, Tyler Drob. Drob attended Cherry Hill East himself and participated in football. Drob graduated from East in 2013 after participating in the last winning season.

Cherry Hill East football has changed a lot since Drob was a player. 

¨We now have a turf field, a different schedule, and a whole new coaching staff. There are still many things that are still the same¨ Drob said.

The football department must have changed a lot this year compared to the past few if the team is finally winning, and Drob said,¨this has been a group effort from all the coaches and players. We still have a long way to go and have high expectations for the remainder of the season.¨

Coach Drob brought some of his assistant coaches on as well including, Coach Beyer, Coach McDonald, and Coach Watson. Drob calls himself lucky to have found such a great coaching staff. All of the coaches have come together to create three main goals: ¨win our conference, go above .500 for the first time in ten years, and beat West.¨

When attending one of these football games, you’ll notice that the coaches all wear shirts that say FACTS which stands for family, accountability, competition, toughness, and sportsmanship. ¨This acronym represents 5 things we stand for as a program on and off the field,¨ said Drob.

Continuing throughout this season and seasons to come, Drob has plans to make sure they become a winning team. ¨We will continue to practice hard and do the same things that have allowed us to win games so far. We constantly talk about expecting to win and that is what we expect to do for the remainder of this season,¨ he said. 

Drob started playing football at age six and continued all the way through college. When he attended West Chester University in Pennsylvania, he said the. ¨ team made the playoffs 4 times and won a conference championship.” Drob was also a two-time All-American champion, proving he is more than capable of coaching East’s football team.

Although Drob is new to the head coach position, he is not new to the coaching world. He has been a coach at East for the past few years. 

¨I have watched these kids grow off the field more than anything. So many players have become leaders throughout the past 6 months. The whole group has learned to hold each other accountable and really become one big family,¨ he said.

With Coach Drob leading the team, East can expect great things these next few seasons. The team is excited to keep the winning streak going and as an East family, we should be happy to go out and support.