Seniors cut a path to Disney World

 It seems this year some seniors could not get enough of Mickey, Minnie and Donald Duck.  The Monday after the senior class came back from the Walt Disney World trip, the majority of them were still absent from school.  Under the notion that they were celebrating senior-cut day, nobody cared to consider what they really were up to.  However, that day a good number of them actually returned to Florida to enjoy one last day in Disney World.

Started by a Facebook invite, the idea to tell all the seniors to round up some extra cash and head back down to Disney spread like rapid-fire. 

“I was just settling in back at home Sunday night, when I checked my Facebook requests, and decided, along with 300 other confirmed guests, I was goin’ back to Disney!” said Greg VanZant (‘11).

Leaving their houses early Monday morning, many seniors waved goodbye to their parents whom they most likely told they were going to school.  However, they were in fact driving to the airport.  When they arrived at airport security, TSA members became suspicious about this large number of high school seniors flying on a school day without chaperones. They, at one point, almost notified the Department of Homeland Security due to this unusual behavior, but decided to let it slide.

After almost an entire day spent back in Disney World, the seniors were finally caught.  One senior tried to use his mother’s credit card, which created suspicion from a park employee who then notified the police.  They returned that night at the Philadelphia International Airport, escorted by airport police off the plane. 

Due to parent complaints immediately following the seniors’ arrivals, senior-cut days have now been officially banned for the rest of the year, according to the school board and principal Dr. Ron O’Schmeeza.  Juniors are now looking to fill that void with junior-cut days.