Senior Perspective: Colton Southall

Oh no! Stop the presses! Yes, I admit that I am a choir geek! Don’t stop reading just because you are afraid to know what really goes down in D-Wing. If you have ever passed D-Wing, you may hear the normal gossip: the break-ups, the make-ups, and who is dating who. But what happens here goes so much deeper. Everyone who calls D-Wing their home knows how many midnight rehearsals, lost voices, sore throats, and tears there really are. Over the past four years, D-Wing has been an integral part of my high school life. But you have no idea how it has changed my life.

Coming in as a naïve freshman, I went to Vocal Workshop not knowing what to expect. Due to its reputation in the community, I knew it was a competitive and cut-throat program. To my surprise, I entered into a very open and loving place. Little did I know, D-Wing would become “my home away from home.” As I grew older and my voice matured, I was lucky enough to become a member of East Singers and Madrigals. The Vocal Department has let me express myself in ways I never dreamed possible. I performed in Boston, Virginia Beach, and the Lincoln Center in New York City. I have the East Performing Arts Department to thank for the successes I have achieved and the invaluable opportunities it has given me. Singing was the path that made my tenure at East as pleasant as possible and I couldn’t wish for more.

Looking back, the years have flown by and college is staring me in the face. Once again, I will become the same naïve freshman trying to find some direction for the rest of my life. Maybe the college I have chosen has a special place like D-Wing for me.