Obama chooses Cabinet with mystery plan

For the past several weeks, Barack Obama has been creating an extremely diverse cabinet.One of his most surprising choices so far has been Hilary Rodham Clinton as secretary of state, seeing as the only thing that Obama and Clinton seemed to disagree on during the primaries was foreign policy.

“It’s all part of the plan,” said Mary Wilkins, Obama’s campaign co-manager, “Barack has yet to tell us what his plan is, and I really have no idea, but I trust that only talking to people that contradict every single thing you say must help with something.”

Wilkins was also able to disclose some of the other ideas that Obama had in terms of other cabinet positions. She mentioned a few of the names on his short list, including Miley Cyrus (Obama frequently challenges her choice of clothing), Rush Limbaugh (he literally combats every move that Obama makes), Sarah Palin (she is highly favored to be Secretary of Education), and Neil Patrick Harris (for obvious reasons).

Obama’s presidency is already shaping up to be one of major surprise. “You’ll never see what’s coming next,” said Wilkins, “I don’t even think that Obama knows what will happen.”