Filipino Culture Club hosts egg-roll making tutorial

Forget dumplings! Throw away your noodles! Look past your fortune cookies! The Filipino Culture society made a tasty splash today afterschool with their egg-roll cooking tutorial meeting, which took place in the cooking room. Gathering students of all ethnicities for the event, the cultural club used money raised from their previous bake sale to buy ingredients for the eggrolls, otherwise known as lumpia in Filipino.

First, the Filipino cultural society split up all those who attended the event, which included more than just club members, into groups that had different roles, ranging from washing to cutting the vegetables.  After mixing the delicate vegetables into a delectable mixture, all of the attendees were not only shown how to roll eggrolls, but also rolled their own eggrolls. A portion of the eggrolls were then fried in oil and distributed among the attendees.  The remaining un-fried eggrolls will be fried tomorrow during eighth period to be sold after school.

“Our goal this year is to be more connected with country by sending box of donated items in Philippines. All our events are based upon to raise money for that,” Gaby Rochino (’12), president of the Filipino Culture Club, said.