Entertainment Update 6: a biweekly update of entertainment news

Sex and the City Sequel
Ladies and fashion-forward gentlemen, get ready for another round of the ladies from the Sex and the City movie, which came out in theaters just last May. A sequel is already in the works, with the producers and director hoping to kick up the drama just a notch. Word has gotten out that, rather than create a predictable Sex and the City 2 producers are opting for Rex and the City, which will feature the four bff’s fighting prehistoric dinosaurs. As the title suggests, producers are trying to draw in male viewers, but will retain the mostly female audience by giving the characters fashion items as weapons. Similarly, the dinosaurs they fight will be wearing “unfashionable garments, therefore the women will be promoting good morals by teaching good fashion sense,” one producer said.

Stephen King vs. Stephanie Meyer
Stephen King, famous for his scary novels, has thrown a bit of mud on Stephanie Meyer, author of the Twilight series which gave legions of tween girls an idol in Robert Pattinson. Said mud seems to have been deflected, though, by the army of Twilight fans that appear on her command. Meyer has yet to respond to King’s criticism, but is rumored to be penning another Twilight book in which King will play a nemesis of the Cullen family, a family of vampires. Putting the virtue “the pen is mightier than the sword” to work, Meyer will reportedly show her fans how to gain revenge on one’s enemies: through literature. Only a few chapters of the book have been written, yet a film version is already in the works.