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Entertainment Update 5: a biweekly update of entertainment news

Dakota Fanning talks of starring in Twilight sequel

The young actress, who starred with the infamous Tom Cruise in War of the Worlds and will be seen this year in the action flick Push, has the chance to play a vampire. Filming for New Moon, the sequel to the very successful first instillment of the Twilight film saga, has already begun.

A story was recently leaked to the press, however, concerning a recorded conversation between the author of the book series, Stephanie Meyer, and the new director of the film. The conversation details Meyer’s plan to use Dakota as a prototype for real vampire children, seeing as her character is a vampire.

Meyer has spoken with several biochemical and engineering corporations, supposedly planning to unleash a whole line of vampire robots. The robots will be equipped with fangs, in addition to a special serum that turns bitten humans into vampires.

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When asked for a comment Meyer let out a maniacal laugh and refused to comment.

A rep for Dakota said her client was “looking forward to being able to sink her teeth into a new role, as she has been bloodthirsty for new material.”
Hmmm… very suspicious.

American Idol has returned

After months of waiting for a new fix of quality reality TV, American Idol has returned. One obvious change is the new judge, Kara DioGuardi, the singer/songwriter who adds a fourth voice to the judges’ panel.

Idol producers have confirmed that for the new season of Idol they have decided to take a leap of faith by marketing the show as a soap opera. Renaming the show, “Voices of our Idols,” Fox hopes to increase viewership of the show.

One top executive said, “There is so much drama on this show, and after seven seasons, it was time for something new. And our judges make the perfect stars.”

Expect to see more close-ups of the judges, especially Simon Cowell, the so-called “negative” judge, whose emotional struggles with being, as he calls, “the mean one” will be a center part of the show.

Backstabbing, jealousy, love and music will be themes of the new show, given ten out of ten stars by TV Guide and other news outlets. The contestants for the reality portion of the show will serve as guest stars whose tunes provide background music for the groundbreaking new show.

The Oscar Nominations          

Upon the recent announcement of the nominations for this year’s Academy Awards, the stars nominated have decided to change the rules a bit. Instead of having members vote on who deserves to win, a new route will be taken.

The actors and actresses themselves will have an “Oscar fight,” as one anonymous member stated. Each nominee will be given several Oscar-themed items to use in combat against his or her fellow nominees.

Rather than have a droll ceremony with glammed up stars, Hollywood will get even dirtier in the fight for Oscar gold. The battle will be held at the Kodak Theater in Hollywood, CA, with tickets going on sale in the near future.

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