Entertainment Update 3: a biweekly update of entertainment news

Twilight breaks box office record:
Vampires reign supreme this weekend (and most likely for many more to come) with the astounding $70 million dollar opening of Twilight. Raving teenage girls, plastered with clothing modeled the book series, poured into theaters Friday to be the first to see Edward and Bella’s romance on the big screen. Thousands of theaters across the country have reported major structural damages from girls trying to jump into the movie through the screens. Shattering noise level records in numerous cities, Twilight fans made their love for vampires known. Movie theaters and workers are still cleaning up the damage from last weekend’s premiere, while preparing for the coming weekend.
New Dancing with the Stars champ:
Brooke Burke and Derek Hough were crowned the new Dancing with the Stars champs on Tuesday. After a season plagued with injuries and dancing complications for many contestants, ranging from damaged Achilles heels to surgery, this season of Dancing sparked rumors of a curse. The winning duo beat out opposing dancing couples Kym Johnson and Warren Sapp and Lance bass and Lacy Schwimmer to grab the disco-ball trophy. However, violence erupted as the two winners were unable to decide who should get the trophy. After the cameras stopped rolling, Derek and Brooke ended up in a dance off against one another to decide who should get the trophy. Finally the judges had to step in, and decided that the two would get joint custody of the trophy.
The most fascinating person of 2008:
Ads have already begun promoting Barbara Walters’ ten most fascinating people of 2008. Clips of some of the people have been shown, but mystery remains about who the most fascinating person will be. Who knows, maybe it’s Sarah Palin for her vice presidential nomination. Maybe she chose Barack Obama for his historic win of the Presidency of the United States of America. Or maybe Barbara Walters chose herself as the most fascinating person of 2008–humble as she is–for refereeing the political battles on her talk show, The View. After all, it’s a fascinating person who can combine political, social and other “hot topics” on one of the only female centered talk shows, filled with daily disagreements, to produce a successful television program. We’ll all just have to wait and see who Barbara Walters chose as the most fascinating person of 2008.