Christmas Village at LOVE Park is ready for the holiday season


Julia Wolfson ('22)

The festive Christmas Village in LOVE Park has something fun for everyone.

After Thanksgiving is over, one thing is on everyone’s mind, the winter holiday season! One place captures the holiday spirit better than anywhere else is Christmas Village in LOVE Park Philadelphia, PA.

“Christmas Village was a great start to Christmas season, and helped me get into the spirit of the holiday,” said Giorgia Demarco (‘22) after visiting Christmas Village on Black Friday.

When entering the German style village, there is a large arch that instantly will catch the attention of everyone who walks by, especially in the evening when it’s lit up. With the countless vendors lining the village, there is never a dull moment. Some of the vendors include many delicately made Christmas ornaments. Those ornaments are from multiple parts of the world such as Mexico, Egypt, and even from Ukraine and Russia.

“It was very interesting seeing how different cultures design art and their styles,” said Samantha Bruckner, one of the women at the Village who bought multiple unique Christmas gifts.

Bruckner has an interest in international art, and Christmas ornaments are no exception. While walking along the streets of LOVE Park, one of the more distinct aspects is the delicious smell of German food classics. Just a few of the German goods include gingerbread, Stollen, Pfeffernuesse, Milka, Marzipan, Kinderschokolade, and many other scrumptious snacks.

Besides the edible aspects of the celebration, there are many beautiful trinkets for sale at LOVE Park.

The jewelry vendors sell everything from watches to wallets to earrings. Each piece is handcrafted by vendors who put their souls into the work they do, and would take someone’s breath away because of how unique and special they are.

The next stop on someones list while looking around this beautiful place is a Christmas classic, the ugly Christmas sweater. Christmas Village had a large assortment of Christmas sweaters with fun designs on them that would make anyone’s day.

The aroma of soaps and herbal packs in the distance just made everything seem even brighter.

Kate Glen, a visitor, said, “I kept walking by this [soap] stand because of the delicious smell.”

If the freezing cold and the smell of nutmeg and spices are not enough, the Village could not be called ​Christmas ​Village without Santa making an appearance. This Santa seemed like a Hollywood celebrity, with his own house and people lined up to take their picture with the world famous St. Nick.

Christmas Village jumps into action the day after Thanksgiving, proving that once Thanksgiving is over, the holiday season is all that comes to mind. Surrounding Santa’s house were his bodyguards.The entire village was decorated with nutcrackers, which seemed as though they were there for the sole purpose of honoring LOVE Park’s special guest.

Incase you haven’t already picked out your tree and hung up your stockings, Christmas Village has got you covered. As one of their specialty shops, they are selling Christmas Trees in every shape and size. Even people who don’t celebrate Christmas can get productive holiday shopping done in the Village with snow themed decorations that are appropriate for all religions.

“Even though I’m Jewish, I still enjoy joining in the Christmas, or holiday, festivities and I also like to learn about different cultures,” said Elisa Goodman (‘22).

Along with the decorations, the food, treats, and beauty products are not Christmas specific. When the sun sets, and the world gets quiet, you can count on Christmas Village to light up your night. The lights hung all over the square light up and really make it feel like Christmas, which is one of the best feelings in the world.