Cherry Hill gets lit for the holiday season

Angelina Witting, Eastside Staff

When driving through neighborhoods in December, one expects to see illuminated houses adorned with festive lights. On occasion, one is treated to holiday displays that are worthy of a special outing, where driving past a beautifully decorated home is the destination.

While some families may be satisfied by a few simple strings of light, others decorate so that all who drive past can enjoy the spectacle. These homes boast over-the-top decorations which feature inflatables, lights, wreaths and holiday characters.  

In Cherry Hill, certain streets are known for their grand decorations. Deer Road is a street that is well-known for breathtaking holiday decor. During the holiday season, the whole road truly glows. With house after house coated in holiday spirit, it has become a favorite destination for families to visit.

Not far from Deer Road is Kingswood Court, where visitors can enjoy another light show. This street is home to number 109, with a real standout display of holiday decor. The owners, the Gasnick family, take a slightly different approach to decorating, using homemade decorations that are unique and attention-grabbing. This year, their collection includes reindeer and a train. Next year should be even bigger as they have plans to expand their assortment of homemade decor.

“I wanted to make sure that, once I had the ability to, that I would decorate my house so that passers by could enjoy the display and that maybe I could inspire the other neighbors on the block to build out their displays a bit,” said Ray Gasnick. “There is a look of joy on my daughter’s face when we drive around and look at the holiday displays in the area . . . .”

Certain homes on Chapel Avenue feature eye-catching decorations. One fan favorite is 2009 Chapel Avenue, owned by the Mendoza family.

“Growing up, I loved driving around with my family seeing other houses. When my husband and I got married we said we wanted to be a house kids and family love to drive by and see,” said Lisa Mendoza. “I feel like when you see [our house] it really puts you in a good mood. Our kids love to help set it up and enjoy seeing it when we come home.”

The Mendoza family wants to pass on the joy that they felt driving around as kids to others. They plan to continue this tradition and develop their Christmas display next year.

Also on Chapel Avenue, a house owned by the D’Ambra family is beautifully decorated with multicolored lights. In addition, wreaths and miniature Christmas trees create a lovely holiday scene at the property.

Another noteworthy house is the Wilson family home located at 740 Hedy Avenue. Although it is not situated directly on a main road, this home provides a striking sight to drivers traveling on Cooper Landing Road. Their incredible display is impressive. They have been decorating their property for about 30 years and the result is a true representation of holiday spirit.

Currently, the Wilson’s display consists of inflatables, lawn characters, lights, wreaths, and more. They also plan to continue their holiday display and replace decorations as needed.

While showcasing just a few of the many excellent holiday displays in Cherry Hill, these homes are special because their owners put time and effort into decorating with the intent to help spread holiday cheer.

“The lights and displays are just a small part of the celebration of Christmas time, though I do believe they help us all become a bit happier and kinder to each other during the season,” said Frank Wilson.

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