REVIEW: Airpods Pro


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Apple releases new AirPods Pro

  Apple just came out with their new Airpods 3, and people are surprised at the drastic change. The original model came out on September 7, 2016. Since then, Apple released Airpods 2, a similar model with a few improvements in March of 2019. The most recent model, Airpods Pro, came out with a new design. The model is smaller and the case is shorter. The actual earpieces themselves have a new tip on the piece that goes into your ear. It’s a rubber-ish material used for all-day comfort and noise cancelation. 

The Apple marketing statement says, “You’ll feel your music, not your headphones.” Most people are pleased with the new Airpods. I got to use them and personally am not such a fan.

 For starters, the earpiece is just not appealing. The traditional Airpod shape was changing to a shorter version with an unnecessary new piece on the speaker part. Personally, I find the silicone tips not nice to the eyes. I also do not like how silicone tips feel in your ear. It just doesn’t stay in my ear right.  

I also dislike the case size. I don’t think the more rectangular shape is accessible. Additionally, the price is drastically different. $249 is extremely expensive for something you could lose or have stolen. I think the separate ear tips are too difficult to keep track of. It should be altogether, even if the tips aren’t expensive.

 Also, I dislike the squeezing of the stem of the earpiece. With the current air pods, it is just a tap, but these new ones are harder to use. If you’re listening to music while working out this is unreasonable. How can you do both at once? I like the new noise cancellation, but I don’t think it works as well as headphones like beats. If I were on a plane or a bus, I would still have to hear the loud noises, which seems disappointing. There are much better alternatives for noise cancelation. 

There is a new force sensor that is on the stem of the individual earpiece. This particular feature is not something I like because I don’t want to have buttons on the pear piece because it just isn’t functional. 

The stem is too short. It makes it prone to falling out of your ear and getting lost. In general, I think the shape and size of the new Airpods is unappealing and impractical. I really like the first Airpods, however, after a bit of time they become uncomfortable due to the hard plastic exterior. I believe this could be fixed in another release. But for the new Airpods Pro, I do not recommend them.