Angelina Witting

Angelina Witting, Eastside Editor-In-Chief

Angelina is a second year board member and one of Eastside's Editor-in-Chiefs. Along with Eastside, she is a part of the Model UN club and FOP. In her free time she enjoys discovering new music watching The Office, and staring at strangers until they awkwardly look away.

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Peter Slattery ('21) has been working so hard to put together his entertaining act for the 2021 Mr. East competition .

Peter Slattery

April 20, 2021
Music has a major impact on the lives of many people all around the world.

The Power of Music

March 1, 2021
Angelina Witting had a lot of time to reflect during 2020 and will never forget everything she learned.

Angelina Witting

January 8, 2021
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