The Class of 2014 prepares for graduation

As June hits seniors anticipate their last events at East: prom, yearbook signing, senior skating night, senior solo night, graduation, and project graduation. It’s a bittersweet time where graduation rehearsals, graduation parties- the season of cap and gowns- come in full swing.

During this time frame, seniors experience a whirlwind of emotions: the highs of celebrating the cherishing end of year moments and the lows of wishing time would freeze so life would not move on so quickly.

According to Gabriella Lopez (’14), “Through all these events, I feel that the class of 2014 has become so much closer. It’s going to be extremely sad to leave everyone but I know that everyone is off to bigger and better things.”

That’s the special bond that is only felt senior year: the togetherness that everyone experiences. Suddenly people understand that the stereotypical high school cliques aren’t as important anymore. As seniors prepare for the somewhat uncertain future, sharing the certainty the experience now is important.

As seniors looks towards the summer and then college, East feels farther away.

“When I walked the halls on the last day of classes it felt strange because I knew that I was walking the halls for the last time as a Cherry Hill East student,” Lopez says.

All good things must eventually come to a close and for seniors this is certainly true. The seniors will be graduating on Tuesday, June 17th at Temple University. To view more aspects of the senior year for 2014, watch various senior perspective videos, talk to seniors, read the eastside June issue to see the highlights of senior superlatives and Eastside’s college list.