The beginning of Spirit Week

The 2008 Spirit Week officially began today, Wednesday, November 19.  The day’s activities were to start to both decorate your class’s banner and booth, according to your respective “Greek Mythology” theme.  The festivities will continue throughout the next week, concluding with next Thursday’s “Homecoming” football game, when East battles West.  This year, though, is slightly different than Spirit Weeks of the past at East.

“The biggest change for Spirit Week is we added [the] Homecoming Dance,” said SGA President Emily Zippilli (’09). 

Zippilli also added that the dance competition will be held on next Tuesday, instead of the normal Friday. 

“It was a risk we had to take because we had to put Homecoming on a Friday,” said Zippilli.

She added that this change was doable because the Spirit Week Dance Competition is always popular, so it should not be an issue.  With some changes, Spirit Week looks to have the same success as the past.

“I am hoping that the students embrace Spirit Week and get into the event.  I want them to have fun with it,” said Coordinator of Student Activities, Mr. CJ Davis.

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