Students elect SGA representatives

Jocelynne Dorotan, Eastside Staff

The Student Government Association at East plays a vital role in the daily functions of a student’s life, whether it is planning school events or designing school merchandise. Although the higher roles of the President and Vice President require candidates to create speeches and posters, one can still participate in student government without public speaking and extensive pressure—by becoming a class representative.

Class representatives have the responsibility to inform and report all information regarding SGA activities to their class, to participate in the various SGA committees, and to act accordingly within the framework of the organization, as stated in the class representative pledge.

In order to become a class representative for the 2015-2016 school year, one must have completed and turned in the class representative packet by Wednesday, May 22. The packet includes several pledges to be signed and requires the potential candidate to obtain 75 signatures from one’s fellow classmates. These signatures represent the people who nominate one to become a candidate for the office of SGA representative.

“I’m excited to run for a [representative] position,” said Jonathan Szeto (18’). “It seems fun and I have a lot of ideas to offer.”

On Friday, May 22, candidates were notified of their ability to run. A student would be unable to run if he or she has violated the honor code by plagiarizing or cheating, or if he or she has broken any other school rules. Students must also vow to commit to the responsibility of being a class representative and pledge to abstain from the use of drugs and alcohol in order to be eligible to run. The following Tuesday on May 26, the current SGA officers selected ballot positions to be posted; this order is randomized and not necessarily alphabetical. The elections for juniors and sophomores were held in Cafeteria 1 on Wednesday, May 27, while the freshman elections were held Thursday, May 28 in Cafeteria 2.

Each class year elects 18 representatives through a vote, while the remaining two positions are determined by the SGA advisors of each class year. Those selected as class representatives will be placed into the SGA homeroom for their class and will undertake their responsibilities for the following school year.