Student Government organizes PB and J Days

Gabriella Friedman, For Eastside

In May of the 2013- 2014 school year, the Cherry Hill East Student Government helped to improve the South Jersey community by holding “PB and J” days after school where they made sandwiches for charity. The charity event has continued into this year and has also set new goals for more production and dietary improvements. Meetings occur at least once a month after school where students spend the afternoon making sandwiches. The sandwiches go to homeless shelters and food storages throughout the South Jersey area.

This charity, created by the Cherry Hill East Student Government “[helps] others [who] are less fortunate…and hopes to give [those who are less fortunate] the food that [students are] able to get everyday at lunch,” said Sofia Benedetto (’17), President of the 2017 SGA.

Representatives are also very enthusiastic and dedicated. Julia Wolf (’17) a representative, said that this charity “brings the school government together, and also makes a difference to those in need.”

So far this year the Student Government has made at least 100 sandwiches and hope to double or even triple that amount in this coming school year. The Student Government has also thought of opening this event to the public, but not until a much later point in time.

As of now, sandwiches already include some gluten free options, but as the members progress in their sandwich making, they plan to improve the foods and adjust their sandwiches to offer options including peanut free and other specific types of sandwiches.

Other representatives, Shayna Gutin (’17) and Gabrielle Gracias (’17), showed their enthusiasm in the process and said that by doing this charity it has helped them make a difference. The two also agreed that by bringing even two loaves of bread to help make the sandwiches can improve the community and make it stronger.

Maddie Phillips (’17), another representative who is a contributing member of the “PB and J” days, said that she enjoys making the sandwiches after school with the other members of the government and believes it is a valuable way to spend her time.

All in all, the Student Government at Cherry Hill East is trying its best to help the community, and to also provide a good model for others to follow.