Spirit Week banners positively portray every grade’s theme

The Spirit Week banners this year portrayed the four different types of cereals that represent each grade; Fruit Loops for freshmen, Honey Nut Cheerios for sophomores, Wheaties for juniors and Lucky Charms for seniors.

The award for first place was awarded to the sophomores. Their banner featured a giant bowl, spoon, and version of Buzz, the cereal’s mascot. Also, the uses of 3D Honey Nut Cheerio bits truly made the banner stand out from the rest. With an additional ombré effect of red to yellow and a sparkly 2016 to top it off, it is no surprise that the sophomores’ banner exceeded expectations for their grade.

Next, the juniors took second place in the banner contest. They opted to paint their entire banner blue and make the gold trophy the focal point. In order to add to the sporty theme of Wheaties cereal, the juniors added Olympic rings and a pair of muscular arms to hold up the trophy. To top it off, the juniors painted an orange banner with “Class of 2015” written in large black letters in front of the trophy.

In third place, the seniors painted their banner in a similar fashion to the actual Lucky Charms cereal box. Also, the seniors chose to paint “Lucky Seniors” in big, yellow letters and to put Lucky, the cereal’s mascot, as the main focus on the banner. Each individual marshmallow is also visible throughout the large bowl of cereal in the bottom left corner.

Lastly, the freshman class decided to go a more minimalistic route with a simple draping of green vines, Toucan Sam painted in the top left corner, and “Freshman Class of 2017” painted in blue and red lettering in middle and bottom of the banner.

Overall, each banner shed a positive light on the four cereal choices and the main focus of each grade’s theme.