Seniors take the lead after winning college day

Asher Maitin , Eastside Entertainment Editor

East kicked off its spirit-week festivities on Wednesday with College Day, the first themed day of the week. Students took to the halls with college apparel that included, but was not limited to, t-shirts, sweatpants, hoodies, sweaters and socks.

The seniors took first place, followed by the juniors, sophomores and freshmen.

“I’ve seen more people than I expected wearing college apparel,” said Keith Babitz (‘17), displaying a University of Pennsylvania hoodie.

College Day differs from senior commitment day, which takes place toward the end of the year, in that students aren’t necessarily committed to the colleges they advertise. Yet this didn’t apply to Jackson Edelman (‘17), who donned a St. Mary’s College of Maryland sweatshirt Wednesday to showcase his recent commitment.

“[College Day] is cool because you get to see where all your classmates want to go, or at least who they’re supporting,” said Edelman.

The booth competition was also held on Wednesday. The juniors took first, followed by the seniors, sophomores and freshmen.

Be sure to plan your highlighter outfit for Thursday, a.k.a. Neon Day!