Senior Solo Night Recap

Olivia Pollack, Eastside Staff

A group of 24 seniors took part in the annual Senior Solo Night Thursday, directed by the Cherry Hill East Vocal Department.

Senior Solo Night is a yearly event typically emceed by two juniors — this year, Jackson Feudtner (‘20) and Alicia Cosenza (‘20) — that gives many seniors involved in the Vocal Department at Cherry Hill East an event to display their vocal abilities and allows them to perform a song they’ve always wanted to.

“[Senior Solo Night] is an incredible event for seniors in the vocal and instrumental departments to participate in…It is one of our smaller events; however, I feel that this makes it a more intimate experience for seniors and audience members alike to enjoy,” said Cosenza.

The event was considered a success by many and offered new experiences to those who have directed this event previously. The emcees were excited about the variety of acts in the event this year.

“Seniors normally will sing or play an instrument, but this year there was also a dance act,” said Feudtner.

Many of the performances were special to the seniors involved and contained emotional messages for those who were performing. For instance, Samantha Young (‘19) and Chen Zayden (‘19) performed “Drop in the Ocean” by Ron Pope, a tribute to one of the performer’s grandmothers.

Kevin Naddeo (‘19) sung “Time of Our Lives” by Tyrone Wells to commemorate his times at East with what he will miss, and what he hopes for in the future.

To close out the night, Arianne Martin (‘19) performed a rendition of Lauren Daigle’s “Remember.”

“I have loved senior solo night and have gone to see it a lot as a child. It has always been one of my favorite events because everyone can sing whatever they want…This song means a lot to me as well because it reminds to take breaths and just be able to calm down,” said Martin of her song choice.

Although many performances were deeply personal, not all were. This could not be any more evident by the performance of “Natalia” from A Day in Hollywood/ A Night in the Ukraine with Jayson Borenstein and Jackie Cotter, both demonstrating their acting abilities along with their initial vocals throughout the performance.

All in all, the overall outcome of the annual Senior Solo Night was a success and many seniors enjoyed their final attempts to sing some of their favorite tunes to the appreciative audience of various students, staff and family members supporting the senior class of 2019.