Senior Perspective: Shanice Davis

It would be an understatement to say that I was nervous when I first stepped foot into Cherry Hill East as an incoming freshman. I was simply petrified. As soon as I walked through the student entrance, I automatically searched for familiar faces of people I attended middle school with at Carusi. I felt a little better when I realized I wasn’t completely alone, but I still wasn’t sure what the next four years had in store for me.

When I look over each of the years I spent at Cherry Hill East, I see how much I’ve grown from that insecure freshman. Back then, if someone would have told me that I’d be where I am today, I most likely would have cut him or her off, mid-sentence. I never stepped foot into East intending to serve as the president of the African American Club or to create Destined, a step team for current and future students. I never thought I’d perform in the annual Black History Show for three years in a row, and as cool as experiencing Multicultural Day was as a freshman, I never imagined that I’d be an active participant for the rest of my time here.

Though I am more than excited to step into a new chapter of my life, I can truly say that East prepared me not only academically, but also for reality. I’ve experienced both good and bad days, wins and losses, and successes and failures all in this building. More importantly, I’ve learned that I can do and achieve more than even I expect of myself and because of that, I am more than ready for college and beyond.