Senior Perspective: Jamie Silverberg

Everybody takes a different path through high school.  However, all Cherry Hill East students can proudly hold their heads up high and state “I survived several all-nighters to finish my english essays, I overcame the harsh classroom tundra and monsoon conditions in the lecture halls, I got passed the grade-level police and I even let go of my frustration with the Cherry Hill East library.”  We have learned to overcome some of the toughest challenges.  Fortunately, Cherry Hill East has prepared us for the real world as we are ready to take on anything now.  However, without some of our passionate teachers, we never would have acquired our courageous and persistent attitudes.  How could we have finished those english essays without calculating an iterated polynomial hour-to-hour schedule with the help of Mr. Semus?  Similarly, without Ms. Mackley’s passionate and detailed teachings of human adaptations and weather conditions, we never would’ve survived cold and rainy health classes.  Without humor from teachers like Mr. Rouen and Mr. DeWolf, how could we have let go all our frustration and up-tight mindsets?  As I approach college, I realize how lucky I have been.  Not only am I lucky that I survived these tough challenges, but I am lucky to to be a strong and courageous Cougar of Cherry Hill East forever.