Senior Perspective: Armani Cruz

With college quickly approaching, I have been taking time to look back to my freshman year. I can still remember the first day of freshman year, wondering what kind of new people I would meet. I already knew that I wouldn’t be seeing many of my friends because of the certain classes everyone took and the size of the school. However, the size of the school had allowed me to meet new people that have become some of my best friends today.

As my four years at East come to an end, I have realized that the school has changed me in many ways. For one thing, certain classes I took had great teachers, which had influenced me to want to study what I am going to in college. My goal is to become a teacher–not exactly sure for which subject–but I do know that it is what I want to become.  These four years have been rough, but now that I think about it, it is for our own good. Life isn’t easy and East challenges its students to get ready for the real world.

I have had my ups and downs here, but one thing is true: I can definitely hold on to the memories I have had at this school ranging from simple good times in class to performing at my choir concerts. East has allowed me to see who I really am and I believe that it has done the same too many other people as well.