Senior Perspective: Hannah Germaine

Dear students continuing at East in the coming years,

These past four years I have struggled. Balancing academics, extracurriculars, social life and family wasn’t easy and may not have been the wisest choice. It came with A LOT of stress. But it led me here. It led me to who I am today: the loud and musical girl who doesn’t care what other people think of her.

If I could give a true word of advice to you, it would be to do what you are passionate about. You shouldn’t have to submit yourself to something merely because others pressure you into doing it with promises of a better future. Submitting will only lead to stress, not happiness, and in the end isn’t joy and physical/mental well being what actually matters?
So maybe I didn’t take Chem AP or Physics AP, courses that were highly recommended for someone moving into the pre-med track in college, but did I really need the stress of those classes on top of everything else in my life? Absolutely not. What I needed was a healthy dose of self love and respect so that I could flourish. I used the love I had for myself and gave my feelings an outlet through music. Outlet. That’s what everyone needs.
So, underclassmen, take  my advice and go your unique ways, finding your unique outlets. Whether those outlets include our amazing music department or not, you’ll be doing yourselves a favour. Run, act, throw, sing, tackle, do it all.