Senior Perspective: Eric Chen

I came here in grade 10 from Canada.

At this point, everyone already has their group of friends, and it’s just awkward to invade someone’s group and present yourself and force your way into someone’s life. That mentality made my sit alone at lunch for the first week of school.
The only reason that trend ended was because I switched lunch for study hall. This was oddly a choice that started off me getting to know people.
Now, I’ll go on a bit of tangent. I originally wanted to take Actor’s Studio in grade 10, but that wouldn’t fit into my schedule, so I was forced to take Vocal Workshop, so I was a bit bitter about taking that course. Trust me, it’ll be important later.
It would be remiss of me to not talk about how I made my first real friend here. I met a senior named George Sawn. I recognized him from my French class, and I bugged him quite a bit during the study hall I switched into. That snowballed into him being my first friend here at East.
That cracked my shell a bit. After a few slow-changing months, I eventually and ironically made the vocal department my new home (see? I told you it was mildly relevant). Damn I love D-Wing. It’s like a family. Some you’re super close with, some you kinda hate, but you still love everyone there.
Three years later, I’m wishing I came to East a year earlier.