Senior Perspective: Derrick Lin

What strikes me most about Cherry Hill High School East is the variety of personalities among the teachers. They’re all passionate about the subject that they teach, but they show it in a variety of different ways—some teachers are strict and want the students to follow exactly what they say, whereas others are more lenient as long as the students learn the subject; some teachers are sarcastic and cynical, whereas others show more enthusiasm; some are open and talkative, whereas others are more reserved. In the past four years, I spent time with all kinds of teachers. In the end, all of the teachers do what they are supposed to: teach the subjects to us students. The change in personalities from class to class breaks up the monotony of daily schoolwork, and it really helps us to concentrate on learning.

Of course, teachers are not the only part of the school. A major part of our daily experience at high school is the students whom we interact with. Certainly, not everyone is best friends with everyone, but no one is truly mean to anyone, either. East students are all supportive of each other, helping each other both academically and socially, and bonding over common interests, even across grade levels. Sure, we can get annoyed at others sometimes, but ultimately, we all are friendly with those that we spend time with. School would just not be the same without the social interaction among peers.

Music is another major factor in my high school experience. I am part of the Symphony Orchestra, as well as a string quartet and the Pit Orchestra. The musicians are all friendly to each other—though there are certainly times when we get frustrated with each other, as well—and we form a very close bond with those around us. There’s a lot of interaction between separate musical groups, as well, even between instrumental and vocal groups. We learn professionalism from performing often, and how different types of performances differ from each other. For example, playing in a string quartet requires much more stage presence than performing in a pit orchestra. Overall, my Cherry Hill East experience over the last four years has been a very positive one, primarily thanks to the people I surround myself with, be they teachers, students, or musicians.