Juniors and seniors sweep the Head Banger Evaluation

Today (Monday, November 25, 2013) the cafeteria game was the Head Banger Evaluation. The contestants had to shake their heads for one minute to the music; whoever shook their head the most won. This was determined by a pedometer attached to the contestants head. During LB1, the juniors came in first place with 256 head bangs, in second place were the freshmen with 231 head bangs, and a tie for third with the seniors and the sophomores with both 183 head bangs.  During LB2, the seniors came in first with 238 head bangs, followed by the freshmen with 202 head bangs, the sophomores had 175 head bangs, and in last came the juniors with 101 head bangs. “I am so dizzy right now! I almost threw up!” Cameron Butts (’14) exclaimed, who represented the seniors for the Head banger Evaluation Challenge. Stay tuned for continuing coverage of the Spirit Week Games!