JSA Club comes to East

The best way to leave a mark during one’s time at Cherry Hill East is by either creating a club or bringing an internationally recognized organization to East.

Sonia Kim (’16) is a strong member of a new name coming to East—JSA (Juniors State of America) club.

The JSA is well known throughout the country. It started in 1934 and is now one of the biggest student led organizations. More than 500,000 students are involved in the JSA.

What makes JSA so interesting, Kim remarks, is that it is entirely run by students. The student leaders plan the conferences, conventions, and political awareness events.

Kim was able to get the club approved in May. The club will commence in the fall of 2014.

“The objective of JSA is to help students gain leadership skills and talk about events going on in the world,” Kim says.

The big emphasis on JSA is the conferences that occur throughout the year. These conferences are called the Fall State, Winter State, and Spring State conferences. Students from all over the region come together to join as one organization, meet others from across the country, and partake in various activities throughout the day. These activities are all geared towards enabling students to grow from enriching debates.

Specifically some of the topics that are discussed in the JSA involve political awareness, such as: gay rights, racism issues, the congress, as well as any other issue that can spark a heated debated or that the students are passionate about.

In order to truly get involved within the JSA Kim says, “You can talk to different members, the governor of the chapter, and the senator. The people in the top position lead the organization.”

Kim adds that the JSA is a club that everyone should find the means to join.  “It will help people with communication skills become a more active debater and be more aware of everything going on in the world.”