“Glow in the Dark”: Freshman Dance Preview


On January 10, the Freshman Dance will illuminate the new year by celebrating the welcoming class of 2023

Maya Ezran, Eastside Staff

Cherry Hill High School East, home to the cougars, have held organized school events for years. As we approach this new decade, many new events, game nights, and activities will illuminate 2020.

Taking place on January 10th is the freshman dance-also known as Frosh-the newest event of the year.

Students may take a date along with them or attend with a group of friends. Tickets will be on sale for $25.00 and you may purchase them in room B301 on Thursday, January 2nd or Friday, January 3rd.

If you do choose to take a date with you, the student must be an upperclassman (sophomore, junior, or senior). The freshmen will also have to pay for their dates’ tickets in B301, even if their date pays for their own ticket and hands the money to the freshman they are attending the dance with.

If the freshman does not want to take a date from Cherry Hill East, they have the option to take someone from another school. However, forms will need to be filled out regarding information about the student, and students who attend East will also need to pay for the ticket of the date even if the date pays the money back.

As this is a formal dance, girls have the option of wearing a dress and guys can wear suits. All outfits must be school appropriate and align with the dress code. Students are encouraged not to spend too much money on the event as it is not a major dance.

The dance will begin at around 7:00 p.m. and end around 9:30 to 10:00 p.m. Parents are encouraged to drop their child off, but students may carpool to reduce chaos. Frosh will be a fun experience for all, as there will be a host of different festivities involving raffles, music, food, and more.

Frosh marks the beginning of a new area for the welcoming class of 2023. Whether you bring a date, come alone, or attend with a group of friends, it is an unforgettable evening that will last with you throughout your time spent here at East.