East’s annual art show and PAVAS inductions recap

On Wednesday, May 19, the East community was dazzled by the talent displayed in this year’s art show. Located in the East gym and lasting from 6:00 p.m. to 8:30 p.m., the art show displayed the creations students enrolled in art electives have been working on all school year.

Work from 3D art, Actor’s Studio I, Actor’s Studio II, Applied Technology, Chansons, Commercial Art, Computer Graphics, Concert Choir, Drafting, East Singers, Foundations of Art, Inspirations, Photography, Play Production, Small Engines, Studio Art and World of Foods were displayed for the community to see as they ate, listened to music and socialized.

“I like[d] how the different classes came together,” said Emily Schultz (’11), a student enrolled in photography and commercial art.

The setup of the room consisted of jewelry samples, photograph displays and other paintings closest to the door. To the left of the entrance, students displayed their culinary skills by offering sushi, crepes and other baked goods to guests. Next to that was a stage featuring the night’s performers from East’s music department, such as: Erica Krepow (’10), Andrew (’10) and Katherine (’11) Baloff, Mr. East-crowned Justin Singson (’10) with Knee-High Spunk member Griffin Back (’11), Belles singers Amanda Matteo (’10) and Melanie Mijares (’10) and the Inspiration Band.

“I love the opportunity to showcase our work to the school and the community such achievements,” said Mrs. Cathy Morgan, photography and foundations of arts teacher.

Sculptures, pottery as you can get pottery wheels for beginners, paintings, work from computer graphics and blueprints for model homes from drafting were located toward the back and on tables in the center of the gym.

While the art show featured students’ work, another significant part of the event was P.A.V.A.S. inductions. P.A.V.A.S. stands for the Performing and Visual Arts Society, which is an organization specifically for artistically talented seniors who must be nominated by one of their art teachers. Each P.A.V.A.S. member created a mask displaying their creative vision from their selective fields that were displayed on the other side of the stage. Mr. Bill Kovnat, director of P.A.V.A.S. and photography teacher, and Morgan presented certificates to the inductees.

“It’s nice because [P.A.V.A.S.] recognizes all the hard work,” said Shayna Penn (’10), an inductee.

Kevin Charan (’10) agreed by saying: “I feel honored because not many people have the opportunity [to be inducted].”

About 150 people attended the art show, many of which were thrilled by the talent put forth by students, verbalized throughout conversations as proud parents and friends walked throughout the exhibits.

“It’s been an awesome success. I’m overwhelmed with the turnout. There are definitely more people than last year here. We’ve had more varied entertainment this year and [many] more students involved,” said Kovnat.

Congratulations to those inducted into P.A.V.A.S.:

Naomi Avner

Anna Birnbaum

Kevin Charan

Alexis Cherry

Ihoog Chung

Ryan Delaney

Spencer Diehl

Jen Donsky

Jen Epstein

Maggie Gammie

Marissa Goldberg

Francesca Greenwald

Max Gutbezahl

Justin Horowitz

Brett Israel

Marissa Johnson

Lucas Kappler

Erica Krepow

Amanda Laskey

Britnay Lazar

Lindsey Lehrman

Amanda Matteo

Kathryn McCormack

Kajhayn Mihi

Melanie Mijares

Connor Pell

Shayna Penn

Nickee Plaksen

Sarah Polekoff

Tori Powers

Matt Rodriguez

Shari Rosen

Michael Rubinson

Debra Schwarzl

Dylan Sieh

Justin Singson

Jessica Smith

Shelly Tan

Derrick Tilsner

Jacob Willson

Alyssa Zell

Sophia Zhao