Cherry Hill-opoly comes to town

Gabriella Friedman, Eastside Staff

The Cherry Hill Education Foundation has introduced Cherry Hill-opoly to town: a new board game with the goal of raising money for schools in the Cherry Hill District. Games will be sold through order forms provided by the Foundation’s website, the Cherry Hill Library and The Garden State Discovery Museum. Eleanor Stofman, the president of The Cherry Hill Education Foundation, said she is “excited to present this game to our schools and town” and describes it as a “treasured keepsake” that encompasses the history and uniqueness of our school.

Created with the same format as a normal monopoly game, the Cherry Hill-opoly individually relates to the members of the community. Each property on the board is an actual store found in Cherry Hill; the stores bought a spot in order to represent themselves and to benefit the community. The deck of cards will provide an accurate history of the town and the game cards will also provide authentic information about each shop. Some tokens included in the Cherry Hill-opoly game board will be school buses to represent the schools, happy faces to signify the students in the Cherry Hill schools and welcome signs. Additional unique tokens will also be included.

This new board game is recommended for children eight years old and up, and can hold the interest of adults as well.  The game also benefits the Cherry Hill Public Schools by allowing schools to keep five dollars for each game they sell. The Cherry Hill Education Foundation is now accepting order forms which will be delivered sometime in mid December.

Eleanor Stofman recommends this game to everyone not only because it is fun but also because it benefits the Cherry Hill School District, provides knowledge about the community and gives historical information about the town. Cherry Hill Public Schools encourage all students to buy Cherry Hill-opoly.