Sustainable Design will replace Drafting Class for the 2016-2017 school year


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Sustainable Design will replace the Drafting class at Cherry Hill East for the 2016-2017 school year.

Jesse Stiller, Eastside Staff

Drafting has played a major role in shaping my interests, as well as potential careers, but it seems that the next wave of students will not enjoy that same luxury.

Within the next two years, the Drafting class at east will no longer exist, but will be replaced by a new classed titled “Sustainable Design.”

I do not want to argue that “Sustainable Design” is not a class worth taking, but the implementation of creating the class “Sustainable Design” will ultimately result in the elimination of the Drafting program at East.

The Drafting class is an important elective at East for those who wish to have more of a technical (and crafty) learning experience. The class is also critically important for future engineers and architects, like myself, that need to develop skills around specific drafting tools that will be needed for a potential career in the engineering sector.

Taking away Drafting and substituting the class for a more linear, straight forward approach to “hands-on” learning kills the creativity process as well as student motivation. If there is one thing I have noticed over the four years I have been at East, and the two years in Drafting, is that students are eager to create something themselves using their imagination and tools, not write notes or take part in a straight-forward activity.

Drafting is one of those classes other students and I can enjoy and actually explore new opportunities for careers in the engineering sector. Drafting is also a good use of science, technology, engineering and math, also known as STEM education. There are very few classes at East which use STEM education to enhance the learning process, as well as creativity and motivation.

It is very disheartening that I have to graduate this year and not see the new generation of East students experience the same opportunity I once received. I do not see the reason why one class needs to be phased out to make room for another class that is not as superior or as enjoyable as the predecessor.

The East community is known for its unique classes and advanced learning environment, and I think we shouldn’t tear down walls to build them again with different materials.