Zinburger provides a comfortable dining experience for burger lovers

After partaking in the Zinburger experience, it wasn’t even a question why the restaurant’s parking lot was packed and there was a mass crowd of people waiting around the hostess stand.

As soon as I squeezed my way through the crowd and headed to the hostess stand, I was greeted by the exclusive New York City restaurant ambiance. I would have never known I was right in Cherry Hill! The lighting was dim, the room was loud, and I was more than excited to get a seat. The ambiance had a way of making me feel like I could only get into a place like this by invitation and I couldn’t help but feel ten times cooler by just standing inside.

Without even waiting two minutes I was seated at a high top table and approached by a waitress. It was obvious that I chose to go to Zinburger because I was craving a burger, yet when I looked over the menu I became overwhelmed.

There were over sixteen different burgers I could choose from and about a dozen milkshakes. The worst part about the large variety was, every single one of the options seemed to lure me in. I figured that if I was going to spend twelve dollars on a hamburger it better be the best one.

I decided to start off the meal with a decadent cookies and cream milkshake that costs six dollars. Once I took a sip I was hooked. The thick, sweet liquid ice cream slid smoothly down my throat making my taste buds instantly crave the mixture of the chocolate cookie and rich vanilla. Between the generous portion size and exceptional taste, the milkshake was definitely worth six bucks.

I finally decided on a burger that included ripe avocado, tender, flavorful and crispy strips of smoked apple wood bacon, and a Sunday morning buttery fried egg. The juicy burger is known on the menu as the breakfast burger and is worth 12 dollars. Although seemingly delicious, the burger was extremely difficult to eat due to its large size, but was well worth the struggle.

On top of the burger and the milkshake, of course I also had to try the fries too! I ordered the hand cut fries for five dollars. They were not unique or original, however I’m not saying they weren’t enjoyable either. The perfectly salted and slightly over cooked French fry gave off a charcoal burnt kind of taste, yet wasn’t too bad with a little ketchup.

I was also pleased to notice that the food was just as good as the service. The servers were both friendly and efficient. The wait for the meal to come to our table wasn’t excruciatingly long and as I looked around I saw not one person seeming unsatisfied.

It is clear that Zinburger never disappoints. Besides the relatively high prices, Zinburger is the perfect place to visit if you’re looking to indulge in a high-end atmosphere, quick service, mouth-watering burgers and unforgettable milkshakes. Zinburger is definitely a place I would visit again and would recommend to really anyone who isn’t a vegan.

In addition, a unique thing that I observed was that at the busy large rectangular bar, there were a series of green apples placed on top of each stack of napkins. It’s definitely a kind of unique and quirky little thing that really stood out to me. So, I give Zinburger three and a half stars and insist on trying the strawberry cheesecake milkshake next time!