Pinkberry lives up to its hype

This past year on December 13, Pinkberry opened up a store in the Promenade at Sagemore shopping center in Marlton, replacing the famous, but overpriced Cold Stone Creamery. Pinkberry is a well-known franchise with stores located all around the globe, but chose this location to open its first store in New Jersey.

The small frozen yogurt place had a total of five tables and was able to seat about fourteen people. The walls of the store that were facing the parking lot were all glass, making it seem larger and more spacious than it is.

Unlike other frozen yogurt places like Kiwi Frozen Yogurt and Spoon Me, it is not self-serve. When putting yogurt into each container, the worker puts a certain amount of yogurt and weighs the container to make sure. The price to add toppings is one neutral price, which does not depend on how many toppings or how much you put in.

The toppings vary from two categories: fresh fruit and dry toppings. Mangos, strawberries, blackberries and raspberries are some fresh fruit toppings. Some of the dry toppings available are chocolate chips, yogurt chips and toasted almonds.

Every time I go to Pinkberry, I always get original, which is always available at every Pinkberry. However, they also have different flavors that change about every month or so. Some of the special flavors are tangerine, peppermint and chocolate hazelnut.

The day that I had went to Pinkberry, the machine that dispensed the original flavor was temporarily down. Since I had not tried anything, but original, the worker let me try the other flavors. The flavors that I had tried were mango, chocolate hazelnut, tangerine and vanilla. None of the flavors were too sweet or had tasted artificial. The flavor I ended up getting was mango with mango and strawberry toppings.

The other items on the menu available are milkshakes and smoothies, which are all made with the special monthly flavor. They also have a twenty-five ounce container to take home. Catering services are also available and offered for parties or meetings.

Every employee is friendly, welcoming and never hesitates to recommend their favorite flavors.

Pinkberry is located in the same shopping mall as other restaurants like Panera Bread and Chipotle. This small frozen yogurt place is quiet and cozy making it a great place to go with friends to eat delicious frozen yogurt and talk.