Longwood Gardens puts on an incredible Christmas display from November 24th to January 8th

Henry Nolan

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Courtesy of uwishunu.com

From November 24th to January 8th, people from all around come to Longwood Gardens to enjoy their Christmas event.

A person who walks through Longwood Gardens during the spring, summer or fall will be able to look at thousands of beautiful trees, flowers, bushes and other types of flora, in addition to their stunning architectural works and unique fountain displays. However, for 47 days out of the year, this place of wonder becomes even more spectacular, because the garden is transformed into the epitome of the holiday season.

From the 24th of November to the 8th of January the garden holds a special event known as Longwood Christmas, which is characterized by the bountiful lights that cover the trees and significant landmarks around the park. On the night of November 23, the staff of the park spends hours putting up the many displays ready for the following day. This task can take all night considering the number of displays the park has.

Some of the feature light displays are the large spiral cone of green lights that visitors can walk through on their way to the restaurant, the stars that hang from various trees and the lily pads floating on the pond with Christmas tree lights on them. There are so many light displays that it is difficult to find a place where you can can not see at least one.

The Gardens also puts on many other displays. They have fountain and light shows that are set to Christmas carols and other popular songs that reflect the spirit of the season. In addition, they have a display of miniature trains that includes a trolley and Thomas the Tank Engine. They also have stations set up around the Gardens that dispense hot chocolate and other treats for this time of the year.

One of the most popular parts of the Gardens is the conservatory, which has all of the indoor plants in a giant greenhouse. During the Longwood Christmas, the conservatory is filled with many holiday-themed decorations. Among these are the giant Christmas trees, chandeliers and poinsettias that cover entire rooms. The conservatory also includes a children’s garden that is themed to reflect the spirit of the holidays in a way that can be appreciated by the younger visitors to the Gardens.

However, this event does have its downsides. The park becomes extremely crowded during this time of year. The park often has to use both of its additional parking lots, one of which requires the visitors to get on a bus before they can actually enter the park. Other buses and large group vehicles from tour companies and the like line up in front of the entrance waiting to be able to let their passengers off.

When visitors become hungry it is a fight to get a meal and then a seat, because the line to enter is so long. Visitors can pick up a snack from a stand to tide them over, but for anything more substantial, they will need to go to the restaurant. The business is, however, expected to die down near the end of the season. The park is open year round and this event occurs every year, so if the chance is missed, it can be taken again next year.