Italian restaurant pleases a wide range of taste buds

Lamberti’s Tutti Tuscani is an Italian restaurant that will bring you into the streets of Italy. By featuring a veranda design throughout the restaurant, many beautiful paintings and a prominent brick oven, an authentic Italian atmosphere is set. You are welcomed in by being served with warm pizza bread and fresh rolls served with dipping oil that could be a meal itself.

Another enjoyable aspect was absolutely no wait time for a table as they took advantage of putting as much seating in as possible.

Friendly waiters are a plus, however they are a little understaffed. Having to excuse himself to answer the phone while we were putting in our order, doesn’t present the best service. Yet, the food was brought out quite quickly, which redeemed any negative thoughts about the restaurant.

Tutti Tuscani offers a wide variety of the most simplistic pizzas to the most complex pasta dishes. With such an assortment, anybody could find something they enjoy. A large portion of the menu is dedicated to chicken, veal, pork and steak dishes, all offered with a side of pasta. Seafood dishes, traditional Italian appetizers, soup and salad are also available. There was a large assortment of personal size wood fired pizzas from plain cheese and basil to buffalo chicken. Not to mention the huge portion sizes for a very reasonable cost that you will be sure to get a second meal out of.

One of the dishes that stood out was the Penne a la Vodka. Steaming penne in the perfect amount of creamy vodka sauce was truly unbelievable. Next in line was the delicious Gnocchi al Forno that will make you feel as if you’re eating your grandmother’s homemade pasta.  All the dishes came out hot and perfectly cooked.

On a January afternoon, the outside seating area was closed, but the beautiful porch looked very desirable to dine on in warmer months.

A noticeable aspect of the restaurant was the low noise level. This allowed people to have conversations without screaming across the table at one another, which was highly appreciated. Soothing music also created an enjoyable backdrop to the meal.

This restaurant is the perfect place to come for a traditional Sunday lunch and dinner. Anybody with a large appetite looking for a cozy Italian restaurant is sure to love Tutti Tuscani.