Honeygrow brings a ‘buzz’ to the Marlton restaurant scene


Sophia Sitnick ('20)

A view of the Honeygrow storefront in Marlton

If necessity is the mother of invention, then one could probably say that soggy tofu is the father of the Honeygrow concept.

Philadelphia based Honeygrow is the vision of founder Justin Rosenberg, a vegan who was searching for great-tasting, quick and healthy restaurant food. A noted gap in the healthy food market led Rosenberg to pitch an idea to investors for a dynamic, healthy and customizable restaurant. His business plan was rejected 93 times. Pitch number 94 was the charm, and the first Honeygrow restaurant opened in Center City, Philadelphia in 2012.

The name Honeygrow derives from Rosenberg’s desire to combine honest eating and locally grown foods. The company prides itself on serving wholesome and locally sourced foods at each location. In just six years, Honeygrow has expanded well beyond its Philadelphia roots, with locations in nine states. The twenty-fifth and newest restaurant opened in Marlton on March 23 in the Marlton Commons Shopping Center right off of Route 70, next to Shake Shack.

A peek into the “Open Kitchen” of Honeygrow

Upon entering the Marlton Honeygrow, guests will delight in the simple yet charming decor which features stainless steel tables, crisp white tile and wood accents throughout the restaurant. The comfortable dining room invites customers to sit and relax for a few minutes while enjoying a quick but healthy meal that actually requires utensils. A small outdoor seating area to enjoy a little sunshine vitamin D with your meal is an added perk.

The interactive self-service kiosk system offers touchscreen ordering. This allows guests to customize their food and beverage orders while virtually eliminating human error in the ordering process. Mobile app ordering and food delivery via Grubhub are also available. An open kitchen concept provides entertainment, allowing customers to watch as enthusiastic employees craft delicious made-to-order meals that look and smell great.

A healthy, fully customizable menu makes this quick service dining experience unique.

Two delicious Honeybars

Whether you are in the mood for a meal or a sweet treat, this place has something for everyone. Options at Honeygrow include salads, stir-fry and dessert, all of which can be personalized. The honeybar offers decadent fruit cups or yogurt parfaits, which can be a light meal or a dessert. Customers can select their favorite honey, fruit and toppings for the Honeybar.

The hip ambience perfectly reflects the modern style and healthy food at Honeygrow. Keeping with Honeygrow’s commitment to using locally sourced ingredients, the Marlton restaurant has a unique mural painted by local Philadelphia artist, Tim Gough. The playful and bold mural features the words “wild, wild, life” set on a bright orange, yellow and turquoise background. While the meaning of the phrase is intended to be open to interpretation, Honeygrow hopes to convey a message about the synergy of life and wholesome food.

Quick and healthy food has never looked or tasted this good before. Bee sure to stop by Honeygrow Marlton to find out for yourself what all the buzz is about.

Check out the map below to find out where Honeygrow is!