Cherry Hill Recreation Department Cancels Trailed Walk

Henry Nolan

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The Cherry Hill Recreation Department decided that it was necessary to cancel their planned event for the evening of the 9th of November, which was to be a Campfire and Trail Walk around the Crofts Farm property. They have decided that they will instead put on a similar event on a yet undisclosed date some time during the spring.

The event was cancelled due to the risk of inclement weather. This was a good decision as at the time that the event was set to be held, 5:00 to 7:00 PM, rain was pouring down with no indication of stopping.

The Recreation Department had not taken into account the idea that the even might have to be put off to a later date. They did not have any rain date until it they realised that they would not be able to hold the event. They had not anticipated that there may have been any form of precipitation or extreme winds for next few weeks, so they did not have a plan and had to come up with one on the spot.

The workers at the Recreation Department sent out an email to let the people who signed up online prior to the event of its postponement to next year. They needed to make over one hundred people aware of this change in plans, as this event was expected to have a very high turnout compared to most events that the Cherry Hill Township local government puts on.

This means that the Recreation Department is not going to be holding any autumn events. This was the only event that they had planned for this season, and it is now coming to a close, so there is no time to plan a new event to put on for the citizens of the Cherry Hill Township. The next chance that anyone will have to participate in onie of their events will be the holiday menorah and christmas tree lighting on the 6th of December.

The fact this event needed to be cancelled was unfortunate for the people who signed up for it. However, at least they did not lose any money as they may have if they had been going on a work with a different group. This is because the event that these people signed up for was at no cost to them.

There are some good things that came out of this delay. By having it pushed back to next year, the Recreation Department has the chance to make it even better than it was going to be. They now have the chance to get together more attractions from the other departments such as the environmental and library departments, which they had been planning to do, but did not have time to put together. Whether they take this opportunity or not, the event will likely be an entertaining one when at last it comes around.