Customers will have to prepare their wallets for the Short Hills Deli

Sam Berman, For Eastside

Breakfast is regarded as the most important meal of the day, and the Short Hills Deli, located in the Short Hills Towne Center in Cherry Hill, guarantees a plethora of great breakfast choices. The Short Hills Deli offers an ambiance similar to that of a modern diner. As most of the customers are over 60 years old, the place is very quiet and serene. The Deli, as it is more popularly known by customers, serves a comforting meal and experience.

My group was seated swiftly at 11 a.m. on a Sunday, which is deemed as one of the most popular times to go for a meal. The table’s location unfortunately suffered from the noise within the kitchen and surrounding nearby parties.

Nonetheless, the menu, although covered with advertisements, has many different choices to choose from. The menu has more than one choice for every type of breakfast food. Whether craving a simple bagel with cream cheese or a breakfast styled pizza bagel, The Deli will deliver any ingredient on a bagel.

Our breakfast included challah French toast, oatmeal with berries and an onion bagel with a special request of half Nova Scotia lox and half whitefish salmon. The oatmeal, although ordered with the preference of blueberries and strawberries, only had strawberries. The advertisement of berries in the description of the meal misled and disgraced us, but it was certainly made up for in taste and quality. The challah French toast, one of the most acclaimed breakfast items to order, did not disappoint. Doused in sugar and syrup, no one can refuse its delectable appearance and taste. Lastly, the onion bagel with half Nova Scotia lox and half whitefish salad was toasted to a nice golden brown and the combination of fish delighted our appetites.

Overall, the service failed to meet standards. Although the extra amount of waiters and waitresses at the disposal of the restaurant allowed the food to arrive at the table perfectly and quickly, we felt rushed to pay upon finishing. The waiters and waitresses have a reputation for becoming agitated pretty quickly, and our waitress upheld this judgment. She failed to ask us for any particular drinks, besides the water brought to us upon sitting.

The price at The Short Hills Deli varies, depending on the order. A simple bagel with fish, similar to the one we ordered, is absurdly overpriced. Yet, meals like oatmeal, pancakes, French toast, waffles, etc. can make the trip to the restaurant pretty frugal.

The Short Hills Deli never fails to present delicious food at a plentiful amount, but overall, the service can improve in manners, and perhaps management can reevaluate pricing.