Sheltered environment drill protects East

As students around East prepare for the weekend, the school prepares for the future. On Thursday, November 16th, East experienced the first sheltered environment drill of the year.The drill is conducted annually; it is initiated in the event a situation exists that would require students and staff to be relocated from the classroom setting to a centralized location. A modern example of this necessity would be in the case of a biological emergency.

The school district website writes that the drill involves classes being lead to the gyms and locker rooms to be more protected. Students are lockkey.jpgalso told to remember to not panic and to be as silent while they are being ushered into rooms with many other students.
Students expressed distinct opinions as to the day’s drill.

“[The exercises] are useful because if we were to be in a situation that we needed to use [it, the students] would be freaking out, so its good that we practice them so were not all chickens running around with our heads cut off,” Megan Willette (’07) said.

While some students believed that the drills were appropriate for our school, others believe it is just a waste of time.

“It’s a nice idea, but in the case of the real emergency, you can’t control panic. There are other things kids will have on their mind [when lives are at stake] rather than file ‘quickly and quietly’,” Rachel Packer (’07) said.

Fortunately, there has not been an incident where the drill has turned into a realistic event. As East continues to stay prepared, students continue to stay safe.