Girls Tennis takes sectional title

12144758_10206383636927696_8834326308091932800_nCourtesy of Mary Lynn Jewett
As a result of an extremely successful season, East’s Girls Tennis team proudly ended off the year earning the Group IV Sectional Title for the South Jersey Region. With a final record having 18 victories and 2 losses, the team reached the majority of the goals they had priorly set in the preseason.

In East’s final match of the playoffs, they faced the well prepared Shawnee team. Although the opponent proved to be prepared and strong, East was able to ultimately defeat Shawnee 3-2 winning the well-deserved title.

Both Stephanie Yanasov (’17) and Rachel Pham (’16), East’s top singles players, won in straight sets to beat their opponents on the court. Both of these wins were crucial to East’s ultimate victory. In total for singles, East prevailed with a 3-2 win over Shawnee.

On the doubles roster, Rebekah Colacot (’18) and Sarah Jang (’17) teamed up and proved their talents when they beat the opposing Shawnee team. Ultimately the doubles matches ended evenly giving one win and one loss to the Cougars, the same for Shawnee.

After ending last season short with a unfortunate loss in the championship game against Lenape, a few points shy of receiving the yearned for title, East Girls Tennis is finally able to show off their underrated talents. A pretty dominant rebound provided this perseverant team with the title of South Jersey Group IV Champions.