Freshman Football Recap: East vs. West

On Monday, the East Freshman Football team played West High School on their field after school. West took up the entire first quarter on a long drive but turned over on downs, giving East quarterback Jesse Gold (’12) the opportunity to throw a touchdown to Alex Reber (’12) near the end of the first quarter. Throughout the second quarter Gold threw two more touchdowns, one to Brian Regan (’12) and a second one to Reber with forty seconds left.

West fumbled the ball as the third quarter began, giving East player Kurt Taylor (’12) the opportunity score another touchdown for the team. East’s reign over West came to a momentary halt when a player from West scored a touchdown midway through the fourth quarter. However, East pulled themselves together as Gold threw yet another touchdown to Rod Taylor (’12) near the end of the game.

The final score of the game came to a dominating 36 – 8. Rod Taylor and Matt Satchell played a solid defense the whole game, and the entire offensive line blocked well.

“The whole team played really well,” said East quarterback Gold. “I only got sacked once.”