First Sunday of the Football Season, and the Fantasy Football App crashes


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ESPN’s Fantasy Football App crashes on the first day of the season, upsetting many fans.

Today is a Sunday like no other…it is the first Sunday of the football season. As players like Dak Prescott and Carson Wentz step on the field for their first professional game, Fantasy Football owners groan in anguish. “Why is that?” you ask. Well, it’s simple…the ESPN Fantasy Football app and website crashed.

Millions of people logged onto their ESPN Fantasy Football app or website only to see nothing. Within minutes it was a “twitter moment” and millions of people were making “memes” about the issue. Angry Fantasy Football owners (including myself) took to twitter and other forms of social media to express their feelings.

The app has been so great in past years because you could follow your team in real time: tracking your players stats and keeping a close eye on possible injuries. Today, Fantasy Football owners have to keep a mental note of their roster and follow their players on T.V. which can be pretty difficult if you do not have RedZone.



Now yes, this seems like an insignificant problem in the scheme of life but for those who have money in their leagues or for people who simply enjoy following their players…it can get frustrating.

This is both a good and bad omen for the ESPN Fantasy app and website. While it’s loyal fans are angered by the issue, it only shows how successful this year will be for Fantasy Football. If the app and website could handle millions of Fantasy Football owners in past seasons, this could only mean one thing…this year will be the biggest Fantasy Football season EVER.

For my sake and for the sake of all Fantasy Football owners, please fix this issue as soon as possible ESPN!