Female participation in Fantasy Football is lacking


Courtesy of The Nugget Online

There is a much larger percentage of males playing fantasy football compared to females.

This year, I decided to try something new. For years, I’ve watched football religiously. Of course, I have been committed to my favorite team, the New York Jets, but even more than that, I have made it a priority to watch NFL RedZone which features all of the touchdowns from every game on Sundays. 

Because of this, I felt adequately prepared to begin my journey in fantasy football this year. What I learned however, is that few women are actually participants in the game of fantasy football. 

According to thefsga.org, a survey in 2019 found that 81% of players are male, and 19% female. Based on speaking to people at Cherry Hill East, I feel that the number of female teenagers who play is even lower. It is difficult to conclude why that is though. Perhaps it is due to the fact that the NFL only features male teams. Over time, more women have found ways to get involved in the sport, especially through reporting and sideline jobs, but still, it seems that the sport is male dominated. 

It appears as though the gender barrier is extending off the field though, if few women are playing fantasy. The only purpose of it is to simply choose what players you will activate each game, and your opponent will do the same. Whichever team receives more points based on passing years, rushing yards, touchdowns, and more, will result in the winner. Throughout the duration of the season, this process continues with each individual playing different opponents in the league until finally, people are considered for the playoffs. Typically, there is money up for grabs for the winner, and possibly second and third place. 

I have become scarily obsessed with fantasy football this year, so much so that I continually check the waiver wire for any new players, and am constantly trying to decide who to play and bench each week. I encourage everyone, and especially females to participate in fantasy football because once you start, you’ll never want to stop.