2009 NFL Mock Draft

The NFL Draft is only a few months away, and now that the season has come to an end, the only NFL topic to discuss is the draft. The 2009 NFL Draft is very solid, and consists of many special players in all different positions. Here is Eastsides first 2009 NFL Mock Draft.

1. Lions: Matthew Stafford

The Lions have so much to improve on, but one position they need right now is a quarterback. Stafford has the best tools out of any quarterback. He is an obvious pick, unless the Lions feel they need another reciever.

2. Rams: Andre Smith

The Rams need to improve their offensive line, and need to make sure they get necessary protection for whatever quarterback they use. Smith is a good choice because he has a good combination of speed and size.

3. Chiefs: Mark Sanchez

A quarterback is needed, and Sanchez is a nice fit. I could also see them selecting Aaron Curry from Wake Forest, but the Chiefs need to show that they are commited to winning. After Sanchez’s performance in the Rose Bowl, his stock rose. Sanchez would be a nice fit.

4. Seahawks: B.J. Raji

The Seahawks have a lot of options here. But I think they will select Raji out of Boston College. His stock has soared after his performance in the Senior Bowl.

5. Browns: Everette Brown

The Browns need defensive playmakers desperately. Brown has the perfect skills to help the Browns cause some turnovers. The Browns recorded only 17 sacks last year. Brown would be a nice fit for passing rushing. His name also fits.

6. Bengals: Jason Smith

The Bengals also need to help their offensive line. Taylor is raw-talent, and could really improve the teams weak protection.

7. Raiders: Michael Crabtree

We all know that Al Davis won’t pass up on Crabtree. He is the best player in the draft, and has the potential to be one of the best receivers in the entire league in his rookie season. Crabtree would be a steal at this spot.

8. Jaguars: Eugene Monroe

Possibly, the second best offensive lineman in the draft, Monroe has great footwork for a lineman. Although the Jaguars could take a series of different people, Monroe would be the safest pick.

9. Packers: Malcolm Jenkins

Jenkins is one of my favorite players in the draft. The Packers secondary is getting older, and Jenkins would be a perfect fit. He could learn from the great Charles Woodson, and can make an impact in special teams as well.

10. 49ers: Percy Harvin

I can see the Niners taking a different approach to this years draft. They need some big play ability, and Harvin would be an obvious pick. The only other player that could make the same impact would be Jeremy Maclin.

11. Bills: Aaron Maybin

Maybin has been getting great reviews from scouts. He would fit great in their defense. Maybin would also learn a lot from Aaron Schobel.

12. Broncos: Aaron Curry

With Curry falling this far, the Broncos can’t refuse to take him. He would be a major steal this late in the draft.

13. Redskins: Brian Cushing

Cushing has great talent, and has a crazy attitude. He is a linebacker who can make a big hit no question. He is very fun player t watch.

14. Saints: Vontae Davis

The Saints need to fix their secondary. He is a very good one-on-one defender, and can really help the saints pass coverage.

15. Texans: Brian Orakpo

I love this player, he has great athletic ability, and can be a great asset to DeMeco Ryans. The Texans, will make a great selection if they keep improving their defense.

16. Chargers: Knowshon Moreno

LT is a question right now, and who knows if Darren Sproles will return. Moreno would be a statement that informs the Charger community that LT is no longer the priority. The Chargers can still get great players for LT, now would be the best time to get rid of him.

17. Jets: Tyson Jackson

The Jets need many things, but they can’t go wrong with improving their defense. Jackson would help them become even a better pass rush team, which could ultimately push the Jets into the elite tier of defenses.

18. Bears: Jeremy Maclin

Maclin is a great choice here. The Bears already have Hester, but Maclin has a better feel for short routes, and he could really work hand in hand with Hester. Hester or Maclin, choose your posion.

19. Buccaneers: Rey Maualuga

I really think that Maualuga has a great upside. He can catch well for a linebacker, and is of course a great tackler. Unfortunately, he hasn’t been playing great in front of scouts. He is a great pick, but could drop due to his lack of production in the past few tryouts.

20. Lions (from Dallas): D.J. Moore

Moore is very good playmaker. He has great athleticism, and can flat-out make plays. The Lions could use some more turnovers, Moore is a good choice at this spot. I could also see the Lions selecting Maualuga if he dropped.

21. Eagles: Chris Wells

The Eagles need to help out Westbrook, and let someone else take a large portion of the carries. Wells could really take a load off Westbrook.

22. Vikings: Clay Matthews

The Vikings need help in various aspects. I think that Matthews could help the Vikings because he is extremely flexible.He could make an impact in various formations.

23. Patriots: Brandon Pettigrew

The Patriots usually go for the best player available. I think they will continue their science, and will select Pettigrew, who has a tremendous upside.

24. Falcons: Larry English

He is a little undersized, but has good speed. He can play at, DE, or OLB. An increase in the pass rush could really help the Falcons get to the next level.

25. Dolphins: James Laurinaitis

I think this is a great pick. Parcells really sees something in Laurinaitis, and thinks he would be a great part in their defense. I think this pick is extremely safe.

26. Ravens: Michael Oher

The Ravens are in a weird spot. They could go with a conerback, but I really think they will select Oher, and grab a good offensive lineman at a very late spot. It’s a solid pick that allows the Ravens to get more depth at the line.

27. Colts: Alphonso Smith

The Colts are generally a good drafting team. They will be smart and select the great playmaker from Wake Forest. The only downside is that Smith lacks size and great speed. But overall he is a good defender.

28. Eagles (from Carolina): Rashad Johnson

The Eagles know that Dawkins is getting older, and the solid safety from Alabama would be a great selection.\

29. Giants: Hakeem Nicks

Nicks set many records at UNC, and is already an NFL ready reciever. With the problems with Plaxico Burress, it would make sense to select the best receiver available.

30. Titans: Darrius Heyward-Bey

The Titans could use a few things, but with a late pick the best player available is probably a smart choice. Heyward-Bey is a decent player, and can help the Titans immediately.

31. Cardinals: LeSean McCoy

The Cardinals had a great season, but a pick this late in the round is really tough. It would be smart just to take the best player available, and McCoy would be a great addition to the Cardinals, especially with James getting old.

32. Steelers: Alex Mack

This center from California could make a nice impact. He is a highly ranked prospect, and Mack could really add to the Steelers line.