New app “Photo Roulette” is addicting for many, yet may cause controversy


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Now app “Photo Roulette” causes some contoversey

Looking for a fun way to spend a Friday night with friends? Maybe you can put the app “Photo Roulette” on your schedule. Photo Roulette is an app that many teens have recently started playing. It is a very addicting game to most. However playing the game with your friends can expose pictures you might not want people seeing. So, is the app worth the hype? 

Photo Roulette is a very simple app when you get the hang of it. First, to play you share a game PIN with whomever you want in your game. The app, when guaranteed access, has control of all of your photos in your camera roll. Before the game begins you could also pay to plant a photo which could embarrass someone. When the game begins a picture pops up and below are the names of every player. You pick whoever you think picture it is and get points if you are correct. There is a total of 15 rounds in each game. If you get multiple pictures in a row correct you get a streak. At the end of the game there is a person with the highest streak and a person with the most amount of points. 

While I was at Starbucks I saw Jess Rosen (‘23) playing Photo Roulette so I asked her opinion on it. She said, “when me and my friends were bored we decided to play Photo Roulette and it was a great way to spend the night. One game turned to thirty. It is such an entertaining game we just couldn’t stop. 

“Sometimes I play for fun with friends to take a break from homework and I don’t even realize how much time has gone by.” 


Is Photo Roulette Worth the Hype? Though it sounds like an amazing app it could possibly ruin friendships. With giving the app full access to all of your photos you never know what picture will pop up.

I interviewed Julia Yasenchak (‘23) who was playing the game with Jess Rosen. She said, “I was playing with a friend one time and an embarrassing picture of me popped up that I didn’t want anyone seeing. Someone I was playing with screenshotted it and sent it to other people and then many people had hold of it.” 

Maybe we will see more people playing the game since it is just now gaining its popularity. Be careful when playing the game because someone could possibly plant a photo of you.