COLUMN: COVID-19 causes delay or cancellation of many spring sports


Courtesy of KPLC

fields like these around the country are being locked due to the cancellation of spring sports.

The outbreak of the Coronavirus has given me a lot of time to reflect and recognize even the simplest things I took for granted. Specifically, the hours dedicated to practicing sports and bonding with my teammates have been taken away for some time now. This is time that athletes, especially seniors, can’t get back. This outbreak has caused anxiety and heartbreak over the spring season that many athletes are missing out on. Although there has been no complete cancellation of the season, these two weeks away from the sports athletes love is heartbreaking.
In my opinion, I feel this time off is hardest for the senior athletes. This is the season that many student athletes look forward to; their senior day, leading the team, officially being upperclassmen, etc. The hold on going back to school fills these athletes with anxiety and worry, constantly wondering when they get their season back.
As others may agree, there is more to the season than practice and games, but the bonds and friends that the athletes make throughout their season. Not only is this virus taking time away from the fields, but also from the teammates. The sports seasons are seasons filled with memories and activities that many people look forward to, and it hurts to see that this time off prevents such things from happening.
Although the 2-3 hours of practice each day was a source of activity and exercise for many athletes, with so much more time on everyone’s hands, this is perfect time to try and get in some more running or exercising that there was less time for during the school week.
With so much uncertainty about what the rest of the year holds, many athletes hold on to the thought that when this is all over they can get back to their season and enjoy every moment of their time on and off the fields with their teammates.