SGA should not have meetings during school

(Comic by Leena Lari (’12)/ Eastside Staff)

In society, government is one of the most important parts of a community. Throughout most of the world, all communities, from small towns to large cities, government takes precedence in all of the decisions and actions.

In Cherry Hill East, the Student Government Association is made up of elected students that make “decisions” for the school. They meet, like any other club, and are run by an advisor like any other club. But unlike every other club in East, SGA meets, once a month, during the school day to make their “decisions.” Seeing as how these decisions are nothing more than where to put signs up and how to spread the word about the next dance, they are really no different than a club that organizes a bake sale or puts up posters in the halls about their next meeting. And yet, the Robotics Club, or any other club, cannot meet during school hours to discuss their upcoming event or go through the halls putting up flyers.

I think every club should have the same rights, so if SGA can meet during school, other clubs should be able to meet during the school day to work on things as well,” said Iftikhaar Ali (’13), a member of the Future Engineers Club and Robotics Club.

The exemption that SGA gets would not be much of an issue if they had a role in running the school. Aside from picking the theme of the dances and the design of the blood drive shirt, SGA has virtually no hand in the actual planning and execution of these events. The administration and teachers are the ones that govern the school, not a group of students.

The only logical explanation for meeting during school would be because of members’ scheduling conflicts.

Preet Parekh (’13), a vice president for the sophomore class, said, “It’s necessary to meet during school because everyone is available that time. After school students have sports and activities, and before school not everyone may have rides.”

Other clubs may run into this issue, but the members of the clubs work out their schedules to accommodate after-school meetings. Since the school provides late busses to students who do not have rides home after school, there is no reason a student can’t find transportation home from a club meeting.

SGA should have to follow the rules like all other clubs, and schedule their meetings before or after school. Having students excused from class to talk about the colors of the balloons they are going to have at the Freshman Dance is unfair to all other clubs.